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Sustainability is the heart of Gokaldas

The future of clothing and the warming planet are deeply interlinked and we are reducing our environmental impact by adopting green manufacturing practices as well as conducting a lifecycle analysis of all our products. 

Life Cycle Analysis

In the farm-to-port journey, 90% of climate impact results from raw material selection and manufacturing. We have partnered with leading environmental consultants in a life cycle analysis to assess our key products on carbon, ozone, and water values.

We use Life Cycle Analysis to provide options to our customers on positive changes to improve the climate change impact of their products through eco-friendly fibers, fiber-based dyeing, and low-impact packaging.

Emission levels for each boxer produced.

95% cotton
5% spandex
95% r-pet
5% spandex
47% nylon
45% polyester
8% spandex

1.22 KGS

1.20 KGS

7.40 X 10 -7 KG CFC-11E

7.90 KL

1.68 KGS

7.38 KL

3.28 X 10 -7 KG CFC-11E

18.07 KL

3.50 X 10 -7 KG CFC-11E


GI is now piloting circularity in the clothing cycle. We are working on post use return of clothing supplied by us so that we may recycle raw materials and create fresh product for the same customers with such retrieved materials.

Greener Manufacturing

Energy Efficiency

We have adopted natural cooling methods, such as efficient fans, static cooling, insulation, and natural lighting, instead of relying on energy-intensive air conditioning. We also plan to begin electricity purchases generated from solar sources. This helps minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint.

Water Conservation

To minimize water usage, we employ in-house water treatment systems, ensuring water recycling within our facilities. We also implement measures to reduce water consumption at the point of use and collect rainwater for storage and recharge.

Bio-Fuel Energy

We prioritize the use of green biofuels, such as briquettes made from agricultural waste, to power our boilers, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels and promoting renewable energy sources.