Product Development

Pioneering innovation

The motor driving GI’s evolution over four decades is undoubtedly the passion for inventing, innovating, and improving products, raw materials, and fit. Management since inception has been directly involved in the development process. This explains the many pioneering products from GI shop floors.
A three layered high-altitude system that protects soldiers on the Himalayan glacier at -50°C.
Life-saving preemie baby warmers for the UN.
The first washable wool blended work wear suits from India enabled by modifications in textile, garment construction and component design.
Top 10 bestsellers in innerwear and essentials for THE GAP and Walmart.

First pair of Levis (Jeans), Nike (outerwear), and Superdry (underwear) made in the region

Pioneering products


GI has also followed a strategy of growth through collaborations/ joint ventures/long-term manufacturing agreements with major US and European Corporations among them Sara Lee Corporation- USA, Oxford Industries Inc- USA, Courtaulds-UK, Barbara of Paris, Levi Strauss &  Co.

Product Design

In-house team of designers based in New York and India develop seasonal collections that are customer specific with a high adoption rate. Our expertise range from underwear, suits, and outerwear products

Textile Innovation

Relationships with domestic and global textile mills enable us to preview the latest textile collections and support our designers. Co-creation with the partner mills provides us with an advantage to engineer fabrics and convert business that is price conscious


The rapidly changing environment has seen many new technologies in products and textiles and we as a company work closely with leaders like Invista, Heiq, N-9, RECON, tecnofilati, Unifi, and TEFLON.

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