Embrace Baby Warmer

Working with a group from Stanford University GI helped design and manufacture this textile-based infant warmer for Embrace that when combined with a heatable phase change material provides the constant temperature needed by premature babies to continue to feed and grow without the need for a NICU environment. This life-saving product has been used by UN agencies across the world and we are gratified to have enabled this.

Embrace Warmer

  • Inexpensive: Less than 1% of the cost of a standard incubator

  • Durable: Can be reused upto 50 times

  • Portable: Can be used while the baby is held in the mother's arms or during transport

  • Hygenic: Easily cleaned using soap and water

  • Safe: Simple and intuitive to use, validated through routine safety testing and extensive clinical trials

  • Effective: Incorporates an innovative phase change material to rapidly stabilize the temprature of an infant suffering from hypothermia.

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