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Innerwear and Lounge

In 2004, we were the first company to manufacture and export women’s lingerie from India to brands like Wonderbra and Playtex. We launched our own women’s innerwear and athleisure brand Enamor in 2001 to cater to the Indian market. This was a joint venture with Barbara of France and has won many awards including the Superbrand award for three consecutive years and has become the leading brand in its category in South Asia.

Currently, we produce innerwear, loungewear, and athletic products with a special focus on men’s and women’s bottom wear.

We are experts in manufacturing men’s boxers in both synthetic and cotton spandex. We have the capacity to manufacture 2 million units per month of innerwear. Fabrics used include single jersey, interlocks, 1*1 Rib, and variegated ribs in a variety of yarns, blends and finishes from Indian and imported cotton.

With a strong relationship with Indian textile mills, we have developed sustainable textiles in bamboo, modal, and hemp. We work with leading brands and large US, UK, and European retailers. We prioritize the use of organic, recycled, and responsibly sourced organic materials. We practice both ethical and chemical-free manufacturing, ensuring the well-being of the environment as well as workers. 


2 million

units of innerwear manufacturing capacity
women's innerwear

1.5 million

units of innerwear manufacturing capacity


units of innerwear manufacturing capacity
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