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Taking Indian made apparel to the world for 40 years.

Gokaldas Images was founded in 1979. We are one of India’s most diverse apparel manufacturing companies, operating under three business clusters - Innerwear, Defence and Suits.

Our continued commitment to innovation and R&D has made us a pioneer in the apparel industry. We were the first Indian company to create market-leading, homegrown brands such as Weekender and Enamor that rivalled global brands on design and quality.

Partnerships & Collaborations


GI began its Suits journey with a Joint Venture with Weil Besancon – a leading manufacturer of formal wear in France since 1868 and became the first Suit Exporter from the country. We also had a  decades long, versatile collaboration & manufacturing agreement with Oxford Industries (USA) being their major partner in Southern Asia.


a 100% buyback arrangement and manufacturing agreement with Playtex (Northern Europe) a division of Sara Lee Corporation for lingerie. This made us the first exporter of women’s bras, corsetry and inner wear  from the country, fulfilling the needs of brands like Playtex, Wonderbra &  Cacherel.


a manufacturing agreement with Levi Strauss & Co. for the production of denim wear, making us the first maker & laundry for the brand allowing it to become dominant in India without its own manufacturing facilities.

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Business Milestones

since year 2000

Gokaldas Images USA Inc

The company operates a sales, marketing, and replenishment subsidiary in New York City to establish deeper relationships with US-based customers.

We offer you specialized services such as landed duty paid product, quicker response times and meeting your product development and replenishment requirements.

Tel: +1 212 730 3950
Email: support@gokaldasusa.com


Monthly Production Capacity

Inner wear & lounge

2 Million

suits & blazers


outer wear



Cleaner, greener supply chain

Gokaldas Images is committed to reducing the environmental impact of apparel manufacturing. We focus on greener manufacturing by adopting energy-efficient practices, water conservation measures, and the use of renewable energy sources. We also conduct life cycle analyses to assess the environmental impact of our customer’s products and offer eco-friendlier options in fiber, dyeing and packaging. Gokaldas Images strives to create a more sustainable future for the clothing industry through environmentally accountable practices. 



Universal Health Insurance

First Indian apparel company to provide universal Health insurance to all employees with an In house team of doctors, nurses, and welfare officers.


SEDEX Member

GI facilities are SMETA-rated (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit), the audit assesses us on multiple business standards including health and safety, environment, and business ethics.


Universal Child Care

First Indian apparel company to provide universal Child Care - Each GI factory offers a daycare center with trained caretakers for children up to 6 years of age along with a nutrition program.



The Women's Supervisory Training Program aims to empower shop floor women employees with strong leadership skills, providing them with a clear trajectory to progress into supervisory and management positions.


Hiring Local

The company prioritizes employing local residents who commute from their homes, ensuring family care, over vulnerable migrants in dormitories.


Women Lead

The majority of the shareholding and 80% of employment in the company is held by women.


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