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Suits and Blazers

In 1995, we partnered with a heritage French suit brand and relocated their suit manufacturing facility from France and pioneered manufacturing men’s tailored suits, blazers, sports coats, and waistcoats in India. Our technical teams were led by experienced European technicians to develop the best manufacturing and quality systems.

It also led to Bangalore becoming the foremost hub of suit manufacturing in all of South Asia.

GI Suit business had a decades long, versatile collaboration & manufacturing agreement with Oxford Industries, USA being their major partner in Southern Asia.

Suits and Blazers

In the search for growth and new challenges, the company entered into a joint venture with a 100-year-old French manufacturer of suits, Weil Besancon. It imported its plant from Besancon, France to establish--Gokaldas Weil--India's first factory capable of exporting men's suits to  Europe and America.

It also led to Bangalore becoming the foremost hub of suit manufacturing in all of South Asia.

GI can manufacture 60,000 units a month of Suits and blazers.

Fabrics used are wool & wool blends, Silk, Microfiber - PVL, linen blends, and cotton & cotton blends.


With growing concerns about the carbon footprint of the aviation industry, many global airlines are keen to find a cleaner, greener supply chain. We collaborated with a long-term customer; a renowned supply chain partner for uniforms to the global airline industry to produce washable uniforms from recycled materials in the airline's effort to reduce its carbon footprint. We work with recycled materials ranging from shell fabrics to interlinings, trimming, and packaging. To further reduce our carbon footprint, we are installing renewable energy systems and working with regenerated textiles and trims.

Supply Chain

We developed a rich and varied textile source and supply chain for wool, wool polyester, polyester viscose, and other blends. With a large capacity and skilled operators, we manufacture and supply to clients in the US, UK, European, and (most recently) Australian markets using an almost 100% domestic supply chain.

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